Oak Wilt: Is It Killing Your Oak Trees?

Save Your Oak Tree

​It’s hard to beat the relaxing feeling of sitting in the shade of a majestic oak on a warm Texas summer late afternoon sipping iced tea and watching the children discover new bugs in the grass. It’s not lost on you that you are enjoying this moment because someone planted a tree 100 years or more ago to bring shade to generations they’d never meet. 
Though you did not know this individual, you feel connected, and you want to do your part to preserve the beautiful symbol of power and perseverance for strangers you’ll never meet to enjoy 100 years from now. When it comes to oak trees, your role in passing on the shade to other generations is usually minimal. Oak trees are plenty strong enough to thrive without help. 

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Find A Certified Arborist To Treat Oak Wilt in Round Rock

Occasionally, as with any living thing, even the strongest, biggest oak tree can face illness which threatens to shorten its life. The most dangerous enemy an oak tree faces is oak wilt. It’s important to know the signs that your trees are being attacked by oak wilt. Look for symptoms of leaf illness, the presence of large areas of fungus on the ground near the tree, and recently dead trees close by. All of these things can be signs of oak wilt, and you should have it checked out by a certified arborist to be sure. Stopping oak wilt quickly is key to saving the oaks.

How Fast Will Oak Wilt Kill My Tree?

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How Quickly Can Oak Wilt Kill A Big Oak Tree? ​FAST!

Oak wilt moves rapidly to take down oak trees. Most oak wilt attacks take less than 6 months to kill a big oak tree, with some dying as early as 1 month after oak wilt is detected. If you notice signs of oak wilt, you should immediately seek the help of a certified arborist. It may actually be too late for the affected tree, but a certified arborist can help prevent the spread to other oaks in the area. Most oaks have a chance of surviving an attack, but oak wilt always kills a red oak, often in less than a month because of the open pores on the leaves, which is unique to the red oak. Any delay in getting a certified arborist could kill entire groves of trees.

How Do I Know If My Trees Have Oak Wilt?  Symptoms of Oak Wilt

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Signs of Oak Wilt: How to Know if Your Trees Have Oak Wilt

  • Inspecting Oak Trees for Oak Wilt
Diagnosing a tree with laboratory tests is the best way to be sure that oak wilt has taken hold of your oaks, but there are some signs that a visual inspection will help identify the fungal attack. 
  • Check The Tops of The Trees
Oak trees display the signs of an oak wilt attack at the top of the tree first. This is especially easy to notice in the summer, when one oak tree may be full except for a bald spot at the top. It’s so noticeable in the summer because the neighboring healthy trees will have a full, green canopy, so the lone baldy will stand out. If you notice an oak tree that looks dead at the top, it deserves closer inspection.
  • Time is of the Essence
Dealing with a suspected oak wilt attack, time is not on your side. The fungus can kill a huge oak in as little as a month. If you suspect oak wilt, you should seek the services of a trained arborist immediately. Saving the infected oak and preventing the spread of oak wilt to surrounding trees requires swift action. As soon as you suspect a problem, investigate it.

  • Inspect the Veins of the Tree
Oak trees use veins to carry nutrients from the roots throughout the tree. Because oak wilt is a disease that attacks the vascular system of oaks, preventing transport of water and nutrients, a careful inspection of the veins of a tree under the bark can reveal dark or discolored veins in a sick tree.
  • Check For A Fungal Mat
While not conclusive, a relationship has been found between the presence of a fungal mat or fungal floor and the existence and spread of oak wilt. It hasn’t been determined definitively yet, but some believe that beetles walk through these mats and carry the spores of the oak wilt fungus from one tree to the next. While the simple presence of a fungal mat doesn’t confirm the oak wilt fungus, it is a good indicator that more investigation is warranted.
  • Laboratory Tests
The only conclusive way to determine if your oak trees are being ravaged by oak wilt is to send samples to a laboratory for testing. 
​Call Full Canopy Tree Care If You Suspect Oak Wilt
As trained arborists, we are oak wilt experts. We will work rapidly to save your oak trees and stop the spread of the oak wilt infection to surrounding trees. 
​Don’t delay, call today.

Who is the Best Oak Wilt Arborist in Round Rock?

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Brennon Magee: Texas Oak Wilt Certified Arborist in Round Rock and the Entire Austin Area

Our lead arborist and company founder, Brennon Magee is local who understands trees in this area. Brennon is Texas Oak Wilt Certified with TexasOakWilt.org, a combined effort by ISA Texas, the Texas A&M Forest Service and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to manage this devastating disease in Texas. 

To make sure we take the best course of action, an Oak Wilt Certified ISA Certified Arborist will assess your trees for proper diagnosis, establish treatment goals and recommend a management program. In some cases, prophylactic use of fungicide may be appropriate.  At Full Canopy Tree Care, oak wilt fungicide injections are only performed by a Texas Oak Wilt Certified ISA Certified Arborist.
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