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 It used to look attractive, didn't it? That luscious tree or cluster of trees used to be something that was gazed upon with great wonderment. People used to comment on how “peaceful” or “serene” the land looked, remember? Then it , happened, the first thing to go were the compliments. Statements from people who once said, “I could spend forever here, it is so placid,” are now saying things like “This looks like the tree line that was used in for the backdrop in the “Bates Motel” TV show” or maybe even the forest in “The Blair Witch Project.” While this may sound funny, how true is it? Be honest.

            Some companies show up to the site with one (and only one) solution....the axe. It has been said that if the only tool given is a hammer, everything resembles a nail. Well, in the realm of landscaping, Full Canopy Tree Care has found that when the only thing that “flavor of the week” companies have the skill to use is a chainsaw, everything looks like it needs to be turned into firewood. It is true, too. If one doubts this, then take but a moment to drive around Round Rock, and look at the surplus of homes and businesses that have either massive holes where trees once stood and that today look like a tornado did the landscaping. If the trees are standing still, it looks like it each branch was cut by a barber who just conducted his first buzz-cut, doesn't it? That is not tree removal, that is not tree pruning, that is butchery, and it is all too common.


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How about those unattractive stumps that linger afterwards, aren't those attractive? Sometimes we at Full Canopy Tree Care ponder why some companies even bothered to get into the business since it is clear that they have no love nor respect for the art that they have chosen. Perhaps they thought that it would be “easy, steady work.” If so, it shows, doesn't it?

            There is a better way to conduct tree pruning. The art of tree pruning does not only make the area safer and more attractive (when done properly), but it also saves the life of the tree(s). So many times, we see trees that, had the correct love and attention to detail been shown, could have been saved. Trees have memories for some people, likely because most buyers tend to buy homes or place businesses in areas that look a certain way for a reason. Those trees may have looked stunning five or ten years ago, but now, it looks like a good place to film a safari movie, doesn't it? Well don't just let some would-be lumberjack come lumbering in like an ogre an start hacking away. Tree pruning may be a much, much better option. If not, then at least the fact came from Full Canopy Tree Care. Other companies give opinions, but we, we give facts. That is our guarantee.

            As this is read, consider how much time has been spent “waiting for the trees to prune themselves.” That may not be what was thought, but really, that is what has been happening, isn't it? It is time for that to end, time for the tree pruning masters to show up and get the treeline looking like something divine again. Call today so that we can make that happen. Feel free to email us, too. We reply faster than expected – every time!
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Recently, we heard a tale that we can’t verify, so we’ll present it here as fiction, but most will agree that it rings of truth. Apparently, the story involves a distraught business owner trying frantically to get a local, certified arborist to come to fix a problem caused by another tree care company. It seemed that a person from Ohio (where palm trees are as common as tooth faerie sightings) had moved to Texas and, for reasons known to anyone, opened up a landscaping company near Round Rock, Texas, and offered “quality” palm tree pruning. If you are thinking that this sounds like the end result is going to be really funny, unfortunately for the business owner spoken of here, it is.
            The scene that real arborists went to see was described to us upon their return as something between a human sculpture with a “pineapple head” and a voodoo doll with unruly hair that has seen far too many needles. The skin of the tree was groomed as if by a rake and the roots were trimmed from ABOVE the ground in areas where the growth reached above the soil. The rest of the root problem was ignored in total. The whole thing was something that was far funnier than anything seen on sitcom television to everyone but the business owner was in a state of near panic. Thankfully, even this debacle was not something that a certified arborist could not fix, though it was not the simplest job in the world. That is fine with us, it only makes us better at what we do when things like happen. Never is it a worry.
            Just the same, we do strongly advise everyone who hears these words to not allow any tree pruning need to go to a company that has isn't Full Canopy Tree Care, but this goes double for palm tree pruning. Ask around or read the bios of many tree “experts.” They have often moved to the area once reaching success in colder climates like Ohio, Alaska, or Maine. Maine? Do they have any idea what a palm tree needs? If they are learning on the fly, it will show.
            This is not a problem that is common only in Round Rock, for many landscapers have retired to states like Florida, too, and opened tree pruning services “on the side.” Other companies are run by a bunch of hard bodied college kids who need some extra money for college books. They purchase a chainsaw and a lawnmower, throw up a website, and are the new “experts of palm tree pruning”. It would be funny if it did not end so badly for so many people who trust them. It takes more than a strong back and a sharpened blade to do the job correctly.
            There really is only one way to ensure that these kinds of blights are not on your home or business, and that is to call the proven experts at Full Canopy Tree Care who know the trade. We can handle tight spaces, deep roots, roofing worries, and old “decrepit” trees. Most of all, we know what kinds of specific needs are inherit to palm trees, something that is painfully lacking in the popular Round Rock area.
            These are the facts and now, it is time to realize them and to make a choice. Will overpriced and under-performing companies be trusted for those palm tree pruning needs, or will the proven experts at Full Canopy Tree Care be called? In many instances, it ends up being us who are called anyway, but too often to repair the deeds of misguided tree pruners from other companies. Don't let that be the fate of you or your land. Call the palm tree pruning masters at Full Canopy Tree Care today!
Full Canopy Tree Care has a health first approach to tree care. We believe that a lush and full canopy helps promote a healthy tree canopy. It is important to not over prune a tree by removing too much live tissue and leaves. Trees need leaves to produce carbohydrates. It is common to see other tree services in central texas over prune or sculpt trees. Trees should not be lifted too high or sculpted buy stripping or removing lateral branches and leaves from larger limbs. We believe that there needs to be a good reason to remove live branches and live leaves from a tree. Trees should not look like a giraffe has beed feeding on them and tree branches shouldn't look like a lion's tail "stripped branch with a poof of foliage on the end". 
Over pruning and improper pruning can lead to poor structure, epicormic sucker growth and water sprouts, wind damage and breaks, decay, tree decline, and shorter life of the tree. 
Pruning types: 
Structural pruning
Raising and lifting
And a Full Canopy "Health Prune"
Structural Pruning-
Structural pruning is very strategic and precise pruning that targets bad growth patterns, such as codominant stems and trunks, included branches, crossing or rubbing branches, tree to tree branch encroachments. Structural pruning encouraged proper growth patterns in a tree and can increase stability, health and longevity. 
Cleaning is what most people think of when wanting to have there trees trimmed. 
Cleaning is selectively pruning or removing dead or dying, detached, diseased, broken or cracked branches for tree health reasons and safety. 
Raising and lifting for clearance purposes- 
sometimes it is necessary to remove lower branches over sidewalks, clearance for vehicles over streets driveways and property, and clearance over or near buildings and structures.  
Thinning is rarely needed and is often promoted and improperly preformed by most tree services in and around Austin. This said, we find that many younger trees can sometimes be very dense with tangled branches and overly dense foliage. Also, some species of larger mature trees have bad taper and sometimes need to be thinned at the tips of the branches for weight reduction. In certain cases, it is necessary to thin a tree with a very conservative approach.   
Full Canopy health prune-
We often recommend a health prune on larger mature trees. A health prune is removing larger dead wood about 3" and larger, removing bad growth patterns, crossing/rubbing branches, lifting if needed, corrective pruning to remove broken, cracked or improper stub cut limbs and dealing with codominant stems. 
Our team will never use spurs or tree spikes to climb a living tree or palm tree for pruning.
Our safety culture: we use PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) including helmets, eye protection, hearing protection, proper foot wear, protective chainsaw chaps or chainsaw paints when using chain saws on the ground, 
Our climbers use rope and saddle climbing methods, we are always tied into the tree which helps us work more efficiently and keeps our employees safe. We never free climb!
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