Full Canopy Tree Care practices a holistic approach to tree care.  Trees are meant to outlast us, and with proper care and treatment, the trees we enjoy today will be enjoyed by our future generations.  Click here to check out our comprehensive plant health care services.


Don't leave that ugly stump in your yard!  Our stump grinder loves eating stumps, and it's always hungry.  We'll chew the stump into tiny bits, and once the grass grows over the level ground we leave where the old stump used to squat, you'll forget it was ever even there.


Often times, the soil in an area needs to be amended to provide a healthy environment for certain plants to grow.  Things like erosion or heat or other things can cause soil to lose important nutrients or become so compacted roots can't get to the water or nutrition it needs.  Proper soil amendment will ensure that all of your trees have a healthy place to grow and the ability to get to what they need.


When the soil around a tree is compacted, it prevents the roots from finding and delivering water and air to the tree.  We can implement a process of vertical mulching wherein we essentially drill holes and fill them with porous material, allowing water and air to once again penetrate the soil for the tree's roots to suck up and deliver to the tree.  Similarly, we can use a process called core aeration on lawns, which will take small plugs of soil out of the lawn allowing the roots of the grass to expand and find air and water helping your lawn to grown thicker and greener.  Nothing makes the outdoors more inviting than healthy trees and lawns.  Call us today.


Sometimes, soil is so compacted that traditional tools won't make a dent.  That's when we pull out the big guns.  Our air spade work is designed for hard, compacted soil we find so often in Texas.  Blasting a focused, high-pressure stream of air into the ground can cause even the hardest soil to make way for air and water to reach the roots of treasured plants.  We are THE tree professionals in central Texas, and we have all the tools to do the job you expect.  


Whether strong winds or storms have scattered your yard with branches or brush has taken over a portion of your yard you'd like to reclaim, we can handle the job.  We will clear the brush or clean up the fallen limbs and chip them into easy-to-manage piles of small wood chips.  We can haul this off or leave it for you to use in yard sculpting or whatever else your imagination can conjure.


So, you bought a beautiful plot of land, but there is no where to build your house?  We can help!  We offer complete lot and land clearing services.  Whatever your plans for the land, we can give you a clean slate to work with.


All tree services are not equal!  Just because someone has a sign saying they are a tree service doesn't mean they have the tools and experience to handle high-risk tree removals.  Not every tree service can tackle every tree removal.  Huge trees, trees close to power lines or buildings, or any other difficult trees can be removed safely by our team of experts.  High risk tree removals are our specialty.  Don't let someone practice on your trees.  Call us, we've been there, done that!


After a huge storm, you are just happy everyone is ok.  Even so, when you walk outside and see the damage the storm has done to your trees and to your yard, panic, frustration, and desperation can begin to set it.  No need to fret longer than one phone call.  Call us immediately to clear the storm damage and to inspect and secure the trees that are still standing.  Cleaning up storm damage is more than just removing debris.  You want to make sure all the trees are inspected so you don't end up with another surprise in the morning when a tree that went unnoticed takes a little longer to fall than the rest.  Wanna play it safe?  Call the professionals with the experience to leave your yard not only beautiful but safe, as well.  Learn more about tree removal services here.
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