When a tree is ignored and allowed to “grow as nature intended”, the result is a tree (or cluster groupings of many trees) that take over the land like locusts from the Old Testament. It may sound like a nice “green” idea on paper, but the image quickly fades into cold hard fact when the trees start to take over the land with a blitzkrieg like determination. Once that happens, nature is not one's friend, but the enemy. We see it daily, we understand.

            This analogy is also true when it comes to matters of privacy. It may seem like a grand idea to just buy a computer, configure some website, and call it a day when the bills are sent out, but this does NOT work. Soon, just like the tree roots that start eating up the landscape like Pac-Man devouring little white dots, hackers present themselves and computer breaching happens. Soon, credit card information, spending habits, billing records, and home addresses are compromised. This isn't just a terrible issue for the company that was hacked, but it is purely hellish for those who have had their information acquired. In no time at all, the email inbox looks as though every spam artist from here to Russia is trying to sell something, the mailbox is a mess of junk mail, and everyone in the home or office are miserable from having to deal with it.

            Don't allow this to happen to your home or business. The office secretary has better things to do than spend the first hour of the shift deleting junk mail that has hit the account like a case of the measles. When Full Canopy Tree Care is on the job, this kind of thing is utterly unheard of. That is because we and everyone that we hire are trained and retrained in the newest skills needed to keep such data safe.

            Likewise, we don't sell our customers private information nor do we engage in the nefarious art of “data mining.” We have all heard the horror stories about how selling customer data (which, oddly enough, is legal) has lead to crimes too grisly to list. Well, we at Full Canopy Tree Care want OUR loyal patrons to know that such a travesty is never to be the outcome for anyone who entrusts us and our skilled team of tree pruners, stump grinders, and tree removal masters. Not to brag, but our phone never stops ringing, so how would we have time to even engage in such activities if we wished to do so? We would have to hire another person just to man the job!
​That is not going to happen. We are not data miners, we are professional arborists. We are more than happy to leave the legal (though highly immoral) practice of data mining to tree companies that don't' have as much business. There is likely a reason for that, after all. They have to eat, too. 
            For everyone else, we encourage you to call Full Canopy Tree Care right away. When you do, tree experts will answer the phone or email with great haste. We have nothing to hide, for we are not data miners nor people looking to make an extra dollar from your credit card. We have no motive to do so. Once you see for yourself what an amazing job we execute on the trees that adorn the land, we shall have your patronage for life. Therefore, there is no reason to attempt to acquire money by other means. Call today if you have ANY further questions about Full Canopy Tree Care and your personal data. We understand any concern that you may have and we are ready to address it. You will be satisfied and you shall rest assured when you hear just how secure we really are. Call and ask us about it today. We WELCOME it.
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