Plants make our lives better.  From the power to make you pull your car over to gaze at a beautiful field full of Texas bluebonnets to turning carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen, plants can grab our senses with both hands or work silently in the background.  Since plants add so much to our lives, it is right for us to take plant health care seriously.  At Full Canopy Tree Care, we are experts in creating environments which not only saves plants but allows them to thrive.


There are a seemingly endless number of insects and diseases which can attack and kill even the strongest oak.  Full Canopy Tree Care has the experience and knowledge to combat all biological attacks your plants may have to endure.  We don't just swat spiders with our shoes, we control the eggs, mites, and larvae which can't always be seen.  Whether red spiders, leaf rollers, or aphids, we ensure the plant has adequate defenses against all attacks.  As with our own health, the best plan for plant health care is preventation.  Call us to discuss preventing future problems or curing present ones.


When we see mighty oak trees, we seldom think they are vulnerable, but oak wilt can take out a massive old oak very rapidly.  Full Canopy Tree Care can save oak trees being ravaged by this savage attack.  To learn more about oak wilt and how we stop it in it's tracks, click here.


Trees, like all living things, need nurtition to thrive.  Trees in certain stressed environments can have a difficult time reaching all the nutrients needed to be healthy.  Full Canopy Tree Care recommends starting with a soil test to determine exactly which nutrients need to be added to the soil around your trees.  Then, we will offer a customized recommendation for the exact mix of fertilizer to ensure your trees grow strong, stay healthy, and provide you with a Full Canopy.


Ball moss is not a true moss.  It's actually a flowering plant, and most people are surprised to learn that it is not a parasitic plant.  Even though ball moss is not killing your tree, it can be taking away from the tree's clean, beautiful look.  While it's very difficult to remove 100% of ball moss because the seeds are tiny and can be embedded in the bottom of limbs, proper tree pruning can go a long toward eliminating, or at least drastically reducing, the appearance of ball moss.  It's important to use trained professionals when pruning a tree for any reason but especially when pruning to remove ball moss on dead limbs.  You want to make sure the tree care professional is only removing what needs to be pruned, while allowing the tree to grow to its fullest potential.
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