Tree Removal

Everyone is familiar with the term “the elephant in the room.” For those who are not, it is a saying that is used when someone does not want to face a terrible fact. For instance, someone in politics may say that “X” candidate is about to lose the race, but “the elephant in the room” is that, due to horrible policy, the candidate never had a chance to start with. How many people don't have an elephant in the room, but an eyesore in yard, instead? This is fully known, too, but costs are likely a concern.

            As for the cost of our quality tree removal skills, not only are we the most reasonable, but we are the most effective. The amount of money that is saved just by calling us, in many instances, saves a fortune in preventative maintenance right off the bat. Not only that, but we get rid of the tree when we are done. You may laugh, but surprised are many customers to find out that it costs a whole lot more to have the tree taken away with most inexperienced companies than it does with Full Canopy Tree Care. We are stump grinders, too, so you won't be left with this ever-worsening eyesore, left behind for you to trip over, still looming with foundation threatening roots. That is the kind of thing that novices leave behind, not the pros who make up our team. We know that no one wants this menacing stump lurking behind just ruining the scenery, messing up the mowing, and possibly posing a risk for a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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Tree Replacement

Oh, and yes, we can easily and in a cost-effective manner make sure that something less threatening, but even more beautiful, is planted in the problem tree's place, if that is a concern. After all, we know that those problematic trees can have memories and may not be just “an ugly tree” to those who've grown with it. That is attachment to one’s property, and we respect that a lot. Maybe that was the tree that the children swung from or that used to stand responsibly in front of that beloved business. It was a wonderful sight before it began to dig too deeply, bother the structure, or bring some other common woe. Well, fear not. We at Full Canopy Tree Care will replace it with something just as wonderful to behold that does not threaten the landscape.

We can save your trees

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Save My Tree

We also get asked all of the time if trees that other companies have said needed to be removed can be saved. The answer is...sometimes. At least, if nothing else, you will be assured that our assessment of the issue will be the final word based on experience and know how, not a quest for cash. That said, don't be too shocked if we can prune, trim, or otherwise work out a way to keep the tree, at least for a few more seasons.
            So, what are you waiting for? That tree is not going to stop growing. The critters and insects that keep prowling about the house or office ARE the result of that tree, so quit denying it already. The roof really IS in the danger that everyone says that it is, denial is not going to help any here, either. What is going to help is calling Full Canopy Tree Care and letting us fix the problem for a price that comes in far, far lower than imagined. Give us a call today, we are looking forward to fixing that tree issue once and for all. ​ 
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